Public DiSC® training “How to be a more effective team member?”

Trainer: Helen Pärli
Duration: one day training (6 hours that equals to 8 academic hours)
Target audience: everyone who wants to be a better team member and more successful in their work

As a preparation for the training, a personal DiSC® profile will be created for all participants to begin with understanding themselves better.
During the training participants will learn about their own behavior and how it affects others. In addition, they learn to understand their reactions to other people.
DiSC® profile gives the opportunity to learn about one’s own strengths, motivations and areas for development.
The training involves learning to “read people” and adjusting own behavior to the other team members’ behavior to ensure more effective collaboration.
Video recordings are used in order to analyzed behaviours together during the training.
Using video recordings allows participants to learn not only from simulations but also from their self-analysis and reflection from other participants.
Participants will be able to play out different situations that might occure in teams.

As a result

– give a better understanding of one’s own natural behavior
– teach to adapt their behavior according to the situation and people
– increase mutual understanding
– reduce conflicts within a team and in life overall

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