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Helen Pärli SMARTFUL Growth founder, certified trainer, coach & HR professional
Along with DiSC® Trainer Certification and an adult educator level 6 professional certificate, Helen holds a master’s in human resource management. She earned her second master’s degree, this time in digital transformation, in 2022.
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It takes vision and a bold stride to strike out on your own. That’s just what Helen Pärli did when she started Smartful Growth in 2020.

Helen set out to create a small company where change management in the HR world could thrive.

Her vision is to work hand-in-hand with companies that walk the walk when investing in their organizations’ people. As Helen is apt to say, people are a company’s most significant value. They are worth investing in.

Helen developed this vision during her six years in the HR field leading up to the launch of Smartful Growth. She worked in diverse industries fulfilling roles from strategy creation to strategy implementation. Bolstered by a Diploma in Executive Coaching, she now works with top decision makers to transform their vision into reality.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the rich educational background Helen brings to the table as an HR expert. Along with DiSC® Trainer Certification and an adult educator level 6 professional certificate, she holds a master’s in human resource management. Never one to stand still, Helen earned her second master’s degree, this time in digital transformation, in 2022.

For Helen, digital transformation is the key that unlocks the door to increased value in organizations. This lies at the heart of what she and her team are accomplishing at Smartful Growth… adding value by maximizing the potential of an organization’s people.

Marili Ivask Recruitment Partner
Marili is a trained recruitment partner, having completed IT Talent Estonia’s practical modern recruitment course. To date, Marili has worked in the HR field for several years and knows her job inside out.
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Marili is curious and is fascinated by challenges. In her communication, she likes to be simple and direct, but in a friendly and caring way.

When it comes to recruitment, it is important for Marili to bring the right people and companies together, so she manages many of our recruitment projects from start to finish – from communication with the client to finding the right candidate.

Before starting work in HR, Marili worked as a professional pastry chef in the catering industry. Marili loves to cook, and also has other exciting hobbies.

One of Marili’s hobbies is writing short stories, which she especially enjoys creating when there is a quieter moment at home. Writing down her thoughts and developing ideas is exciting for her, as she is especially fascinated by discussing paranormal topics. Besides writing, she also likes to play computer games.

Marili’s friendliness, professionalism, and versatility make her an excellent communicator and Recruitment Partner.

Mai-Liis Tamm Recruitment Partner
Mai-Liis has a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree from the University of Tartu. She enjoys working and communicating with people, which is why recruitment and HR management are very close to her heart.
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Mai-Liis has previously worked in human resources management in retail, where she was involved in recruitment, interviewing candidates, contracting, and onboarding new employees.

Mai-Liis is interested in recruiting for more complex and varied roles, which is why she also manages many of our recruitment projects from start to finish – starting from client interaction to finding the right candidate.

Before working in HR, Mai-Liis worked as a lifeguard, a customer service representative in retail, and a trainer in a gym. She is a very active and versatile person who enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and playing different ball games.

Mai-Liis has also played volleyball for 12 years and can be found on the tennis court twice a week. She enjoys her job very much as it allows her to interact and meet new people.

We can see that Mai-Liis’s good communication skills, professionalism, and sunny disposition make her an excellent people person and a great Recruitment Partner.

Marlen Kokla Junior Recruitment Partner & Executive Assistant
Marlen is our Junior Recruitment Partner and Executive Assistant, working on recruitment projects at Smartful and helping to make our team processes more efficient.
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Marlen has a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences. She majored in Entrepreneurship and Project Management at University of Tartu Pärnu College. She is passionate about HR and her favourite things about Smartful are the company’s well defined values and a mission that align with her own.

Marlen has been a part of the Smartful team since March 2023, when she joined the company as a Marketing and Sales Intern. Today, she is supporting the team’s business processes as an Executive Assistant and alongside Smartful’s encouraging team, she is involved in HR projects as a Junior Recruitment Partner.

In her spare time, Marlen loves to travel, having also participated in the ERASMUS+ programme as an exchange student. In addition, she has been a volunteering member of the organising team of the Lahe Koolipäev youth conference.

We can see that Marlen’s systematic approach, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit make her a great young recruiter!

Reelika Jeferjev Certified Trainer
Reelika has graduated from the Estonian-American Business Academy with a Bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Business Management. She has been involved in training for almost 20 years, specializing in customer service and management.
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Prior to entering the training field, Reelika spent 15 years managing the purchasing experience of household appliances. She has experience in finance, wholesale, enforcement proceedings, industry and manufacturing, and has a comprehensive overview of coaching, having obtained an Executive Coaching certificate from Estonian Business School.

Reelika believes that the basis of good cooperation is a willingness to grow and create high value. In training, she enjoys the opportunity to help solve other people’s problems and share her knowledge on how to achieve results ten times faster.

In her free time, Reelika likes to acquire new knowledge, go running and to the gym, and spend time with her family.

Ly Kivikas Communication trainer, trainer & coach
Ly has a bachelor’s degree in law and a master’s degree in organizational behavior. In addition, she has participated in many training sessions in the fields of psychology, pedagogy, mental health care, and counseling.
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Ly is a trainer, certified coach, and peer counsellor, as well as a guest lecturer at TalTech. With over 15 years of experience as a lecturer and trainer, she has also served in roles as a lawyer and human resources manager. Over the last decade, Ly has focused on conducting communication trainings, training student counsellors at TalTech, instructing a self-management course, and leading lectures, seminars, and trainings on communication psychology. She has actively participated in various educational projects.

As a communication trainer, Ly firmly believes that possessing good communication skills is key for a happier and more successful life, fostering healthier relationships, and creating a positive internal climate within organizations. This, in turn, contributes to maintaining the mental health of employees and ensures enhanced overall performance.

Ly emphasizes that people grasp knowledge more effectively when the learning process is engaging. As an advocate of active learning, she incorporates diverse elements into her training sessions, fostering a relaxed atmosphere through social interaction.

Kristjan Kaskman Certified Trainer
For over 20 years, Kristjan has enjoyed the charms and challenges of management in state institutions, public institutions and private companies, and has been engaged in training for 16 years.
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Kristjan is a certified Situational Leadership® trainer who enjoys creating opportunities for people who want to pursue their goals. He is familiar with the day-to-day management of the team as well as with the organization’s strategy and long-term planning. In addition, he has also acquired the international certificate of a modern classroom trainer, being a Modern Classroom Certified Trainer.

Kristjan’s motto is as follows: “There is no one and only good leadership style. Each management style gives the best result in a certain situation!”

Kristjan believes that a leader is above all a creator of opportunities, and the greatest recognition for a leader is the success of his team and the satisfaction of team members. Management and training are inseparable processes. In a sense, the manager is also a trainer, because he has to support the team members and, if necessary, improve their knowledge and skills, either by himself or with the help of external trainers.

In his free time, Kristjan likes to deal with self-improvement, summer home and spend time with family. In addition, he consciously engages in organizing his thoughts through physical exercise. He can often be found in a forest on a bicycle, jogging or on skis.

Neidi Kompus Career Coach
Neidi has completed the training programs of the international Erickson School in The Art and Science of Coaching and High Performance Team Coaching. Her mission is to help people to reach their maximum potential.
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Neidi worked for 4.5 years at the fast-growing technology company Wise, where for the last 2 years she worked as a training specialist. Her main duties were to identify training needs, conduct trainings and analyse the results. This is from where her deep interest in human development led her to coaching training, and now it is Neidi’s passion to offer personal coaching to individuals and companies.

As a coach, Neidi is professional, solution-oriented and emphatic. She values honesty, courage and a positive attitude towards life.

Neidi believes that the success of a company begins with the well-being of employees. If a person feels safe in the working environment and has the opportunity to develop in a healthy way, then one is motivated to contribute to the development of the company. As human beings, we spend a lot of our time working, which is why it is important to feel that work is inspiring, energising and developing.

In her free time, Neidi likes to gain new experiences and put her abilities to test. She does it through enjoying traveling and rock climbing. For example, her greatest achievement is the conquest of a 625-meter cliff wall. In addition, she likes to read books, meditate and spend time in nature.

Kenya Chief Happiness Officer
Kenya is the most dogorable member of the team, who has been working in SMARTFUL Growth since the very beginning.
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As a Chief Happiness Officer she is mainly responsible for creating a pleasant working atmosphere and keeping the morale high for both clients and colleagues.

Kenya has finished her studies in dog academy and specialises in stress management.

She likes to do regular check ups on colleagues by licking their legs and inviting them to play.

In character she is very friendly and easy to talk to, which makes her both a puptastic member of the team as well as a great Chief Happiness Officer.

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