If you feel that something is missing in your personal or professional development and you would like to grow, then a coach will help you. A coach helps overcome challenges, find a future direction, and amplify positivity.

Coaching helps to find your real potential!

Coaching is an inspiring and practical way to support personal and professional development and help people cope with change. Coaching methodologies and techniques are based on the idea that people themselves perceive what is needed to overcome the obstacles they face in their personal and work life. The solutions are often obvious, but the person may not have the skills to spot them. In such situations, coaching can help.

A coach encourages you to discover your professional and personal potential and use it to the maximum. It is important to arrive at specific action plans in the process that will help to realize the set goals.

Why is coaching necessary?

Coaching makes you more effective and productive.
Based on a survey, 63% of companies that offered coaching to their employees found that the company earned better revenue and income growth compared to their competitors.

Coaching is a good method for setting and achieving your goals, helping you reach the answers and solutions that are actually hidden inside you. A coach helps you find and reflect on thought and behavior patterns that are hindering you and support you in finding solutions and implementing changes.

The premise of coaching is a trusting relationship, which allows you to find answers to even the most delicate questions.

Coaching gives managers and employees the intrinsic motivation to move forward, discover, and try new things.
A Gallup survey found that 86% of employees do not see their employer as inspiring. Coaching helps to change that.

Coaching helps you to become more self-aware – discover your strengths and areas for improvement. In addition, coaching helps you to stay on track with the promises you made to yourself and move step by step towards your goals.

After being coached, you will:

  • appreciate and use your strengths more skillfully
  • maximize your professional and personal potential
  • reach clarity within yourself and are thus internally motivated
  • move consciously and confidently toward your goals


If you feel there is something missing in your personal or professional development, and if you want to grow and develop, a coach can help.

A coach helps overcome challenges, find a future direction, and amplify positivity.

Coaching is carried out based on the specific needs of the client consisting of at least six sessions.

Since the prerequisite for successful coaching is a trusting relationship between the coach and the coachee, before starting the cooperation we also organize a “chemistry testing” meeting to get to know each other better and to discuss mutual expectations regarding further cooperation.

Helle Gern

Interim Agentuur
Head of the Training department

Ly can very quickly create a reliable atmosphere, which is the foundation of coaching, and Ly is ready to experiment, which makes the whole process of coaching an enjoyable journey for a more knowledgeable client.

Mirjam Kivistik

Anti-Money Laundering Specialist

I have been through several sessions with Neidi and I can safely say that each session has been useful and eyeopening. Neidi is very warm and supportive as a coach, and when discussing various topics with her, I have always come to new knowledge about myself. Neidi is able to ask the right questions and perform exciting exercises so that a person can come into contact with their subconscious and inner feelings. Thats the magic of coaching you always get the answers, and the coach is your assistant to get there. I have worked on several topics of self-development in coaching, and I feel that the sessions I have conducted with her have made me more aware and courageous in various aspects of life. Therefore, I recommend coaching to everyone who wants to develop and take their life to the next level.

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