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The success of your company starts with correctly selected talents, i.e. successful recruitment. Click here

HR Services

Personnel management consultation is a good opportunity for inviting our Talent Partners to help you Click here


A company’s greatest value is employees who are able to learn and adapt. If you also believe so, contact us... Click here


A coach helps overcome challenges, find a future direction, and amplify positivity. Click here

Employer branding analysis and improvement

We look at the employer brand as a whole: a combination of internal and external employer image. Click here

Targeted talent search and headhunting

In each of our recruitment projects, we actively look for candidates who might not be actively looking for new job... Click here

Recruiting support

Have you begun recruiting independently but lack the time to manage the competition, resulting in recruitment delays? Click here

Proactive talent base creation

Proaktiivse lähenemise eesmärk on kaardistada ettevõtte jaoks strateegiliste rollide võimalikud kandidaadid sihtotsingu teel. Click here

Creating an onboarding program

Läbimõeldud onboarding on oluline, et uus töötaja elaks võimalikult kiiresti ettevõttesse sisse ning hakkaks tulemust tooma. Click here

Internal audit of the work environment

Audit helps you to analyse existing work environment and safety processes and documentation and to map the bottlenecks that need... Click here

Human Resources audit

Aitame ettevõtte personalivaldkonna protsesse näha kõrvalseisja pilguga ning mõista nende tulemuslikkust. Click here

Interim Human Resources Manager

Interim Human Resources Manager service provides your company with professional and flexible human resources management assistance just when you really... Click here

Team analysis with DiSC® method

Aitame ettevõtetel saada ülevaate oma meeskondadest. Click here

Implementation of development conversations

Developmental conversation is a performance management tool for the manager. Click here

Learning & development – mapping the needs of your talent

Koostöö tulemusena valmib konkreetne ja läbimõeldud koolitusplaan. Click here

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