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We are flexible and provide training throughout Estonia or, if desired, outside Estonia.
We believe in offering full training experiences. That’s why we have an out-of-the-box approach to both training locations and learning methods.
We have competencies in psychology, human resource management and business management. They come from a combination of academic education and practical work experience.
Our trainings are based on internationally recognized methods and models and we are internationally certified to use them.

Your talent partners are…

Helen Pärli
SMARTFUL Growth founder, trainer & HR professional

Helen is a certified trainer and passionate HR professional. She has an adult educator level 6 professional certificate. She also has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a master’s degree in Human Resource Management, both from Tallinn University of Technology.

Helen has been active in HR management for over five years and during that time she has worked in both retail and business consulting. As a Human Resources Manager, Helen has experience in all areas of HR – from strategy creation to implementation. Helping people find their real potential has always been close to her heart. She wants people to achieve best version of themselves.

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Helen has acquired NLP Master Practitioner certification to better understand herself and others. NLP, or neuro-linguistic programming, is a rapidly evolving field of applied psychology today for mapping the relationships between human thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and can be used in many different ways. Among other things, NLP can help you better understand your beliefs together with the background behind them, and thus help you make a difference in yourself. Helen does not consider herself an NLP expert, but she feels that knowing the basics of NLP will help to change thinking patterns and help us better understand why we believe the things that we believe or do the things that we do. And because our beliefs influence our actions in every area of our lives, there is a lot of value in understanding NLP.

In addition to understanding one’s own inner beliefs, it is also important to know one’s own natural behavior and to adapt it to the situation and to others for more effective cooperation. That’s why Helen has also obtained internationally recognized DiSC® Trainer Certification to help people collaborate more effectively.

In order to be able to share her knowledge and ideas professionally, Helen has undergone 160 hours of adult trainer training that was based on the competencies set for professional adult trainers in Estonia. She has also undergone train the trainer programs as a former HR manager.

Helen sincerely believes that there is so much potential hidden in each and every one of us. It is just waiting to be unlocked!

Ly Kivikas
Communication trainer, HR professional

Ly has a bachelor’s degree in Law and a master’s degree in Organizational Behavior. In addition, she has participated in many trainings in the fields of psychology, pedagogy, mental health care and counseling.

Worked as a Lawyer and Human Resources Manager. For the past 10 years, she has designed and facilitated communication trainings, trained students counselors at TalTech, conducted a self-management course, communications psychology lectures, seminars and trainings, and has been involved in various educational projects.

As a communication trainer, Ly believes that good communication skills lead to a happier and more successful life and relationships, and create a much more comfortable internal climate within the organization, which in turn helps maintain (mental) health of employees and ensure better performance.

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She is convinced that a person acquires knowledge much better if the learning process is engaging. Studies have also confirmed the effectiveness of active learning compared to traditional teaching methods. As an ardent advocate of active learning, she uses various elements in her training that enables you to acquire knowledge in a relaxed atmosphere through social interaction. This is more effective than traditional lecture-based training. Being actively involved in the learning process helps you to become aware of your own behavioral patterns and thus to better understand the person you are talking with and the topic. It also helps to link the acquired knowledge to reality.

Are you an adult trainer and wish to join our team? Or are you interested to join our team in some other role?

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