The success of your company starts with correctly selected talents, i.e. successful recruitment.

Do you want to find the best talent for your team, not just the most suitable from those who applied on their own?


We help you find the best talents!

We have long-term experience in full-cycle recruitment and have helped companies of very different sizes and from very different industries find the most suitable employees. We have recruited roles in finance, IT, marketing, admin, customer service, sales, construction, HR, and many other areas.

The roles to be recruited have been at almost every level – starting from intern recruitment to senior and department head recruitment.

We sincerely believe that a targeted search is an integral part of successful recruitment. How else can you be sure that the best candidate currently on the market will be hired? Therefore, the skill of target searching is important. Our recruiters have very good target search skills, and therefore we also train recruiters from other agencies and companies.

What sets us apart from others is our genuine interest in the candidate experience during every recruitment project. We want to give candidates a pleasant and encouraging experience.

We value their time and contribution and give candidates as much personal feedback as possible to support their career path more broadly and help them reach for the next challenges that are right for them.

Our goal is for the recruiting process to be a positive experience even for candidates who are not selected. That’s why we provide individual feedback explaining reasons for their not being selected.

This helps to maintain the recruiting company’s professional reputation, and it encourages candidates to apply again for future job postings.

The recruitment process is quick and easy. Take a closer look at what it’s all about.

Meie abiga on värbamisprotsess kiire ja lihtne. 1. Meeting We meet to map the profile and create agreements
Meie abiga on värbamisprotsess kiire ja lihtne. 2. Mapping We map the desired target group and channels to find suitable candidates
Meie abiga on värbamisprotsess kiire ja lihtne. 3. Searching We publish a job advertisement and active target search
Meie abiga on värbamisprotsess kiire ja lihtne. 4. Interviewing We will conduct the initial meeting interviews for you and make sure that the candidates are suitable
Meie abiga on värbamisprotsess kiire ja lihtne. 5. Choosing We select the most suitable candidates and forward them to you for verification
Meie abiga on värbamisprotsess kiire ja lihtne. 6. Meeting round We present the selected candidates, from whom you can get to know and choose the best
Meie abiga on värbamisprotsess kiire ja lihtne. 7. Finale We are available to assist you in making an offer and in negotiations with the selected candidate

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The company’s success begins with well chosen talents. Smartful helps to find the best and most suitable talents even for the most difficult positions. We have recruited for private, public and third sector organisations. Although we mainly recruit for manager and specialist positions, we are always open to complex challenges, where it might seem that there is no suitable person on the job market.

We are your talent partner!

We guarantee that the recruitment project will not end until we have found a suitable candidate for your company. 

We believe that the choice of employing a new worker is a very responsible and weighty decision. That is why we always give our work a guarantee!

Why choose us as your partner?

Most talents today are not actively looking for work themselves. At the same time, surveys show that 72% of employees are ready to change jobs. We help you reach those talents who are passive and are not actively looking for new career opportunities themselves.

We find the best candidate on the market

We aim to find the best candidate on the market, not just the best candidate from those who happened to see the job advertisement and showed interest by applying.

We guarantee that the recruitment project will not end until we have found a suitable candidate for your company.

Targeted search

We sincerely believe that an integral part of a successful recruitment process is a targeted search. In up to 90% of the cases, we can find the right candidate just by using this method. In addition, we train other recruiters and agencies to successfully do the same.

Positive candidate experience

We aim to ensure that even unsuccessful candidates have a positive experience, encouraging them to apply to future positions at your company. That’s why we always make an effort to introduce you as an employer in order to increase the candidate’s interest in you as an employer, both today and in the future.

Full HR management service

We see recruitment as a critical function of HR management, and we also understand the big picture. If you wish, we can help you with the steps following the recruitment process – onboarding program, training, development, and other services that help to improve the employee experience. Feel free to share your thoughts with us!

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