Supporting employee well-being while working remotely
CIPD research shows that COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot in our mindsets about working from home and about remote work in general. Improved work-life balance was reported by 61% of the people participating in the research. Companies are expecting higher percentages of fully remote workers after the pandemic. So clearly there has been a shift in the mindset about remote work. However, there are also areas to be concerned about when talking about working from home. The mental well-being of staff was reported as a concern by 47% of employers. That is a really high number and makes us wonder - what can we do in order to support the well-being of people working remotely?
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Uncomfortable when giving feedback? 3 tips to make it easier and more constructive
When being a manager, one of your many responsibilities is to track the performance of your team. This means that you need to praise their effort is case of work well done and give them feedback where improvement is needed. Giving feedback is not easy for many people. Mainly because our experience and past shows that feedback means telling that you did something wrong or you are not good enough. This misbelief deep in our consciousness makes giving feedback uncomfortable. Want to improve the way feedback is seen in your company? And want to improve the way you give feedback? Here are some ideas to consider and try in action.
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How to stay sane while trapped at home due to COVID-19
Media is telling us how to protect ourselves from the virus – how to stay physically healthy. But as Dr. Daniel Amen told in his interview with Scott Miller on FranklinCovey On Leadership Series said, “mental hygiene is as important as washing your hands”.
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3 ways to support your remotely working employees during COVID-19
The world has changed quickly within the last few months. We are all affected by the COVID-19 pandemic one way of another – companies have moved to remote work, changed their processes entirely or even paused everything. These changes are creating uncertainty that affects your employee’s overall well-being. Estonian Occupational Health and Safety Act changed in the beginning of 2019 and one of the changes was taking psycho-social hazards into focus. There are many companies that have not yet had the opportunity to adjust their processes and work according to the new law, but the emergency situation that we have today makes psycho-social aspects priority. We need to take this into focus and make sure our employees are doing well – both physically and mentally.
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Navigating the DiSC model
The DiSC model has been researched and analyzed for over 40 years, making it a reliable tool that can be used in a wide variety of fields. DiSC helps to measure a person's individual preferences and tendencies based on his or her behavioral style. By understanding ourselves, we can also better understand others and make our cooperation more effective. We create DiSC profiles for you and your team to make collaboration, communication and sales more effective.
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