In October, Smartful collaborated with YuMuuv to host an exciting wellness challenge. This challenge brought a lot of fresh energy and great ideas into our workplace. Inspired by our experience, in this month’s article we will be discussing the positive changes that wellness challenges can bring to your work environment and why businesses should consider organising them.

Of course, taking care of employees’ well-being goes beyond hosting team challenges. However, these well-being challenges offer a fun way to boost both mental and physical health among employees through gamification. Plus, some additional positive outcomes come along with this approach.

1. Building stronger team connections

One of the most wonderful things about workplace challenges is how they bring teams closer together. These challenges provide employees with a unique opportunity to support and motivate one another. Plus, they give everyone a fresh topic of conversation beyond the usual work stuff. At Smartful, we discovered a lot about our colleagues. We found out about each other’s hobbies and habits that we hadn’t known before. We also shared tips on how to lead a healthier lifestyle.

2. Boosting health and well-being

Regular physical activity and taking care of your mental health are vital for overall employee well-being. It’s no secret that exercise is fantastic for our immune system, sleep quality, and energy levels. Staying active and focusing on mental health also helps reduce stress and anxiety. Challenges are a great way to inspire employees to invest more in their health and think more about it. The result? Happier, more active employees, along with fewer sick days and fewer illnesses spreading in the office.

3. Enhancing employee loyalty

Fun challenges don’t just promote physical activity; they also show that a company cares about its employees’ well-being. When a company takes the initiative to support physical and mental health, it sends a clear and positive message that the employee’s health matters. This not only fosters a positive attitude toward the company but also strengthens employee loyalty and their sense of belonging.

4. Employer branding

Beyond strengthening the bond with your current employees, wellness challenges can also do wonders for your company’s image. Embracing these challenges sends a clear message to job seekers that your company truly cares about the mental and physical well-being of its team. This can attract talented individuals who are already into a healthy, active lifestyle and who want their employer to support and encourage it.

To sum it up, we recommend that all employers give the wellness challenge a go. Nowadays, there’s a wide variety of exciting challenges to choose from. What we particularly loved about YuMuuv was the different challenges it offered. Alongside the classic step competition, their platform had a bunch of other options we hadn’t even considered, like the water-drinking challenge and exercise time challenge. It’s an excellent way to keep things interesting!

Read more about YuMuuv from here.

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