Bringing kindness to work: The why and how of recognizing each other

In today’s bustling work environment, acknowledging your colleagues goes beyond mere courtesy—it’s a key player in both employee well-being and success.

So, what perks does a strong culture of recognition bring to the table?

Strengthening team bonds: Sharing appreciation and gratitude is the building block of strong working relationships. When team members feel valued, cooperation becomes smoother and more harmonious.
Boosting morale and motivation: A simple “thank you” or words of praise can significantly elevate morale and motivation. Recognising each other’s efforts can turn an ordinary day into an inspired one.
Enhanced well-being: Research indicates that expressing gratitude through recognition positively impacts mental well-being, potentially reducing stress.

Now, let’s explore five practical approaches to infuse more gratitude and appreciation into the workplace:

Consistent recognition: Regular acknowledgement is key. Waiting until the end of the year may not be enough for employees to feel valued and appreciated. Consider incorporating a monthly or weekly practice during team meetings to recognize and appreciate each other’s contributions. At Smartful, we’ve embraced a regular recognition practice. During our team days held bi-weekly, we set aside 10 minutes to express gratitude and acknowledge each other. Through this consistent effort, we’ve discovered that expressing appreciation becomes more natural over time. While it might have felt a bit unfamiliar initially to share words of praise, the recognition circle has evolved into a delightful and anticipated aspect of our team day. This routine consistently brings forth positive emotions and serves as a reliable source of motivation for the entire team.

Lead by example: Leaders should set the tone by publicly expressing appreciation. This inspires others to do the same and fosters a positive environment where employees feel comfortable expressing themselves.

Recognition for daily achievements: Focus recognition on good work results rather than extra tasks or overtime. Appreciate each other for the daily value they bring to the team.

Verbal recognition: Encourage open communication, allowing team members to express appreciation verbally. This fosters a culture where everyone, regardless of their role, feels comfortable giving and receiving feedback.

Gratitude wall or jar: If verbal recognition feels challenging, try a gratitude wall or jar. Team members can leave anonymous thanks, promoting a culture of acknowledgement. Remember, recognition doesn’t have to be limited to professional achievements but can extend to positive attitudes and pleasant cooperation.

In conclusion, the impact of a culture of recognition in the workplace is profound. When employees feel valued, heard, and appreciated, it creates a motivated and successful team. So, let’s make recognizing each other a habit and watch as it transforms our work environment into a hub of positivity and achievement.

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