Smartful through the eyes of the team

Fallalallalaa it’s Smartfuls birthday! This year, we are already turning three.

When last year we examined Helens memories of the companys first steps, then this time we turned to the entire Smartful team with questions. Get yourself comfortable, because there is a fun read ahead.

Why have you chosen to work at Smartful?

Probably comes as no surprise that the main response from the team’s mouth was, “I like the work culture of our company.”

“There is no such “your job/my job” style of attitude, but more like we are all working towards a common goal – to help our partners as best we can.”
– Marili Ivask, Smartful recruitment partner

“Smartful has given me a lot of development opportunities, which has allowed me to be a part of marketing, sales and now recruitment. There isn’t always such a drastic possibility of movement possible in every company”
– Mai-Liis Tarum, Smartful recruitment partner

“In my opinion, Smartful is the best talent agency in Estonia because of our CEO Helen, who is widely known in the field of HR. It is a proud feeling to be in her team, having the possibility to help her grow the business.”
– Ilya Dzalilov, Smartful recruitment partner and sales specialist

What are your favorite benefits when it comes to working at Smartful?

Since there developed a certain pattern of answers for this question, we decided to compile the answers into an easy-to-read list: having a 4-day work week, the possibility to use the Tallinn office as well as home office, getting health insurance, and having a nice attitude towards each other.

“I like the whole company’s compote as a whole. I couldn’t point out which is the favorite. The attitude of the company and the people are above everything else. For me, maybe these little things just show the company’s attitude towards its employees – Caring about people’s well-being.”
– Mai-Liis Tamm, Smartful recruitment partner

How to you envision the company in two years?

Speaking of the future, the team had a consensus that the only way is to move forward. Taking a day at a time and contributing to the growth of companies and to the development of employees, is what fascinates us and is of fundamental importance.

“I believe that Smartful will continue to grow in every way possible. The volume of trainings will increase as well as more partners will join, and the reputation on the Estonian market will raise also. The goals are in place and therefore we can only move forward from here.”
– Kai Li Keller, Smartful Marketing and Communications Specialist

The answers you read might sound like a sweet dream, but in fact there is actually a lot of work behind it all. At Smartul, employees are being trusted. Ideas are shared in a free atmosphere and, if necessary, team supports each other. As a leader, Helen is able to make the team feel like they don’t have to worry about what tomorrow will bring. The company conducts 1:1 interviews every quarter and contributes to making the eyes of the employees shine. It works because, like any developing organism, the company and its employees need daily care and space to grow. Today, the company’s age is three, but the whole future is yet to come. We wish not only for ourselves, but also for those of you who have chosen to follow our activities and grow together, a happy birthday!

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