Spring is coming soon! The days get longer, the temperature rises, and once again you can hear the birds sing outside your window. While for some people all this comes as hugely inspiring, for others, an effect called spring slump can strike in. Don’t know what is spring slump? To put it simply, this is a situation where due to good weather, a person’s productivity drops and one cannot think of anything other than wanting to rest outdoors. Is it really a topic to discuss or just pure brainwashing? You will soon find out because this time we took a closer look at what our partners and team members think about the coming of spring and what to do to boost one’s productivity.


1. What are your experiences with employee productivity and the advent of spring, do you think there might be a connection?

Discussing the topic with Reelika Jeferjev, Smartful’s customer experience and management trainer, she found that you can’t quite draw a one-on-one connection here, although while working as a manager, it was customary that the advent of spring was usually accompanied by the setback in employee morale.

“Personally, I think spring is a good time to understand the consequences of our actions. It is quite natural that if a person does not take care of oneself in the winter period (food, exercise, rest), by spring one’s batteries will be empty. Fatigue just signals the need to take care of yourself and it’s never too late to start.” – Reelika Yeferjev

Smartful’s mental health trainer & coach, Ly Kivikas, also had a similar opinion, noting that various evolutionary and physiological processes have been identified as the cause of spring depression, but the general mood of people is definitely affected by the long and exhausting winter that pushes us more indoors.

“In general, it is considered that spring has a more productive effect on people, but of course, there may be a so-called seasonal decrease in mood, which affects us especially after a difficult and exhausting winter.” – Ly Kivikas


2. How do you feel about your productivity? Does the sun outside the window affect you or rather not?

As we looked at the responses from Smartful team members, the results were more positive than expected. Smartful’s recruitment partner, Kristi Suits, as well as Smartful’s partner and sales specialist, Ilja Dzalilov, both found that the first rays of the sun bring tremendous energy and give them more initiative to act. At the same time, it was also found that although the advent of spring brings a more cheerful mood, the ability to concentrate on work becomes partially difficult.

“The coming of spring and the sunny weather usually make me happy and energetic as well as motivate me to spend more time outside. At the same time, it can also make it somewhat difficult to concentrate on work, especially when the weather is nice outside and other people enjoy it.” – Ilja Dzalilov

“As soon as the sun pops its head out from behind a cloud, I’d like to think only of walking in the nature! Work matters are very important and must be kept in order, but indeed I’d say that concentrating becomes several times more difficult.” – Kai Li Keller, Smartful’s marketing and communications specialist


3. What advice would you give to people who find it more difficult to concentrate when spring comes?

Smartful trainer & coach, Ly Kivikas: It is important to consciously monitor your sleep patterns and find inspiration to move in the fresh air. Nothing will work as it should when the battery is low. I believe that everyone can support themselves in this journey.
For example, I try to observe my rest and exercise regime, take time to spend with my loved ones, enjoy and amplify positive moments.

Smartful recruitment partner, Kristi Suits: I recommend listening to practical and meaningful podcasts that remind you that with less motivating tasks, you just need to grab the bull by the horns and start doing it step by step. It is no less important to find time for small joys in each of your activities, and when solving difficult situations to be able to be happy that you coped with it so well. For me such reflections help to find new enthusiasm for work.

Smartful trainer, Reelika Jeferjev: I recommend to do spring cleaning. Clean and tidy up your work environment, home and wallet. Throw away and give away all that you no longer need. Review your negative thoughts and take small steps to achieve a new desired state. Plan and organize your time and smile more.

Smartful marketing and communications specialist, Kai Li Keller: I recommend to review and dwelve into your daily schedule, maybe there is something that can be moved around so that every day you could also get outside for a while. Working is important, but a break outdoors can help to organize your thoughts during the day and bring much more effective results.

Smartful recruitment partner and sales specialist, Ilja Dzalilov: With the arrival of spring and during sunny weather, it is important to find a balance between work and leisure to try use the best qualities of both worlds. For example, you can try to go for a walk during your lunch break or plan some activity at the end of the week that will help you relax and recover from the stress of the working week. Above all, I recommend taking time for yourself and thinking about your personal goals and priorities to make sure that work life and personal life are in balance.


As the article showed, there is no such division between people to whom the weather suits and who it does not, after all, productivity still depends on the person’s own mindset and ability to manage oneself through life. If you feel that the batteries are low or you have been hit by a decrease in productivity, be sure to take the recommendations from the article and start experimenting! If you need help with spring cleaning, you are welcome to contact us by writing to info@smartful.ee. We offer support on the development journey for both individuals and companies.

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