Internal training: Communication training

Trainer:Ly Kivikas
Duration:16 academic hours divided into four individual modules
Target group:anyone who wants to improve their communication skills

Our communication training program is a hands-on developmental initiative designed to enhance communication skills that are not only crucial in professional settings but also in everyday life. Within this training, we equip each participant with the essential “tools” and provide opportunities to practice using them.

The structure of our communication training is designed as a developmental program, allowing participants time between different modules to apply and reinforce their newfound knowledge in real-life situations. This program is broken down into several stages, each separated by a minimum of one week. This approach allows participants to progressively integrate their learnings into their daily routines and engage in discussions with fellow participants and our communication coach regarding any challenges that may arise.

The duration of our communication training is customized in collaboration with the client, ensuring it aligns perfectly with the specific needs of their organization.

Upon successful completion of the training, participants will have achieved the following:

  • Gained deeper insights into their unique traits as communicators.
  • Cultivated their listening and self-expression skills.
  • Acquired an awareness of how stereotypes impact communication.
  • Developed a solid understanding of assertiveness.
  • Attained proficiency in comprehending the dynamics of interpersonal conflicts.

Furthermore, our training curriculum is meticulously tailored to meet the precise requirements of each customer.

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