Internal training: Dealing with difficult customers and achieving success

Trainer:Reelika Jeferjev
Duration:4 modules, 32 academic hours
Target group:The course is perfect for specialists and managers in both sales and customer service

Training environment: Virtual or on-site training. Virtual learning takes place in the Zoom environment. On-site training takes place in the premises designated by the trainer or, in the case of internal training, in the premises of the client.


Dealing with difficult customers and achieving success

We have heard customers complain “Is that how you treat the customer” and it is possible that we ourselves, as a customer, have reacted in this way by experiencing poor customer service. Dealing with challenging people, situations and events is a fairly common situation in most companies. Even if customers are not problematic, there is a likelihood that unexpected questions will arise. Here, in order to obtain positive results, the security of the attendant and the ability to navigate the relevant situations are necessary.

Dealing with difficult clients is a system of experiential learning, mentoring and workshops in 4 modules. During the course, the participant will learn about the psychology of human functioning, emotional intelligence and a holistic approach to managing a challenging situation. The course will provide essential skills in customer service in understanding both self and the behaviour of others in a crisis situation. The course is an in-depth life-skills workout that equips the participant with the simple and clear knowledge to always perform at their best, whether in the team, in customer service or in their personal life. There is no need to run away from problems and difficult situations, just deal with them.

Benefits of the programme for business

The programme is great for companies that want to achieve and maintain high value. Who want even the most difficult customer to have a happy experience when dealing with the company. This training is a great way to learn to build relationships and understand the causes and pain points of challenges. The programme is suitable for companies looking to increase or improve customer satisfaction index and employee engagement. The training will help to build respect, trust and communication skills both internally and externally. The best result is to be known as a company that goes the extra mile to support the customer.

Benefits of the programme for the participant personally

As a result of the programme, you will develop the skills to deal successfully with all kinds of difficult situations and relationships. The training will help to find the ability to remain calm in complex situations and to find effective solutions quickly. Communication is an important aspect of life skills.


Conditions for completing the training:

To complete the training the participant must:

  • Participate in the training from start to finish
  • Actively contribute to training
  • Putting knowledge from modules into practice during the course


    Having completed the training, the participant:

    • Can take a client-centred approach
    • Knows different types of customers
    • Has ability to turn complex and challenging customer relationships into successful ones
    • Understands the factors influencing the customer experience
    • Understands and can use proactive listening skills
    • Knows how to increase credibility using body language and language skills
    • Chooses a high quality communication style, even in conflict situations
    • Measures and exceeds client expectations

    Independent work and practice are an important part of the programme!

Programme topics:

The training consists of four one-day modules.



Know your different customers

  • Different types of customers
  • Customer expectations and basic needs
  • Principles of customer service
  • 6 pillars of customer service, building a foundation
  • A professional approach to customer experience and success

Building trust, credibility and respect

  • The importance of building trust with customers
  • Building trust
  • Trust, credibility, respect – what is the key?

Developing a supportive attitude and mindset

  • What is attitude and how is it formed?
  • Attitude to success
  • Approach with gratitude and positivity
  • Giving with joy perspective



Stress management

  • Causes of happiness and unhappiness in customer service
  • How to find and develop gratitude within yourself
  • The inner joy and peace of mind that helps create happy customers
  • Sedona’s method for dealing with negative thoughts and feelings and the principles of stress management
  • Focusing on awareness

Knowing your personality qualities

  • 4 different personality qualities
  • Understanding your own personality qualities
  • Identifying and adapting to surrounding personality qualities
  • Bending behaviour according to the situation



Listening skills

  • Client conflicts and listening
  • Different levels of listening
  • Key elements of listening
  • Hearing and listening
  • Conflict management

Communication skills

  • Establishing two-way communication
  • Conversation language
  • Understand the basics of supportive conversation
  • Recognising and acknowledging communication barriers
  • Overcoming communication barriers

Body language – non-verbal communication

  • The importance of non-verbal communication
  • Working to create a positive impression
  • Creating a positive environment



Dealing with difficult clients

  • Cycle for dealing with difficult customers
  • Resolving customer complaints through consultation
  • Exceeding customer expectation
  • Cultivating empathy when dealing with difficult clients
  • Managing anger and building a successful relationship

Handling customer complaints

  • Understanding the different types of complaints to convert opportunities
  • Resolving complaints creatively
  • Structured approach
  • 30 s Strategy and golden moment
  • Reducing the number of complaints
  • Creating customer service champions

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