Internal training: Motivating development conversations

Trainer:Helen Pärli
Duration:half-day training (3 hours that equals to 4 academic hours)
Target group:leaders whose role requires performance reviews and one-on-one discussions


Developmental conversation is a performance management tool for the manager. A developmental conversation, often referred to as a 1:1 conversation, is a structured conversation that aims to reconcile an employee’s knowledge, skills, expectations, and ambition with the company’s expectations and goals.

The training focuses on understanding the importance of the 1:1 conversations as well as skillfully conducting the development interview. The training provides a systematic approach to development conversations and practical tools for participants to conduct developmental conversations with their subordinates.

In order to consolidate new skills, developmental conversations are played out together as various pair and group work.


Having completed the training, the participant:

  • Understands the importance and nature of one-on-one discussions
  • Knows how to systematically approach one-on-one discussions
  • Has practically practiced conducting developmental conversations
  • Self-confidence to conduct development conversations and to talk about important topics with subordinates grows

The training curriculum is compiled based on the specific needs of the client.

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