7 effective ways you can improve your communication skills

Communication. Oh, communication. This is a word that is tossed around so much – especially in the workplace. Too often, poor communication gets in the way of productivity, task management and sometimes even establishing an effective partnership with your executive.

Being an effective communicator will not only make your job easier, but it can lead to a more productive work experience and help you build relationships, some that could last way longer than you could imagine! Don’t be afraid to practice these tips.

Compliment instead of gossip

To avoid workplace drama and be liked, compliment people behind their back. Saying “You’re right!” instead of “I know” makes you look less of an arrogant and unpleasant coworker and it doesn’t diminish something someone else may have just found out.

Reorder your words

Instead of asking, “Do you have any questions?” ask, “What questions do you have?”. The first almost always results in silence, while the second helps people feel comfortable asking questions.

Quiet is the new loud

When you have something important to say in a loud crisis, say it very quietly so everyone would listen. People are immune to your yelling, but whispering gets their attention.

Personal information and numbers

In most situations, and for most people, an interactional approach to de-escalating potentially heated situations is the most effective and safest way forward. Though if you need to de-escalate someone as fast as possible and get them to communicate, ask them questions about numbers or personal information.

Nod of courage

Sadly, we aren’t very engaging or dynamic speakers when we’re speaking quietly and acting shy. Though, when somebody shy is speaking, if you look at them and nod your head, it encourages them to keep talking.

Simple “Hello” makes a difference

Say hello to everybody you know, and say it with a smile. Just imagine: if someone walks into you twice a year and both times you smile and greet them enthusiastically, they will think of you as a nice person. So little effort for a person to find you friendly.

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