A positive candidate experience plays a pivotal role in shaping a company’s image. A favourable application process not only leaves a lasting impression on applicants but also encourages those who may have received a negative response to consider reapplying or recommending the company to others. In this month’s article, we’ve compiled five ideas to help you create a positive experience for candidates during recruitment.


Craft a relevant and realistic job advertisement

The job advertisement serves as the initial touchpoint for candidates, making it crucial to provide a realistic overview of the role, expectations, and offerings. Pay attention to the following points when creating a job advertisement:

  • Ensure the job title accurately reflects the responsibilities: Sometimes, job ads use the wrong job titles to get more attention. For example, they might say it’s a sales director position, but it’s really just a sales job. While this might make people interested at first, it ends up not matching what job seekers expect, making them feel let down and unhappy.
  • Avoid underselling or overselling the role: Clearly outline the job responsibilities without downplaying or exaggerating them. Provide an accurate portrayal of the role, avoiding making it seem simpler or more exciting than it truly is.
  • Use Fast Hiring Processes judiciously: What qualifies as a “fast process” varies for each person, and if there are already several stages in the process, it may seem longer than anticipated to the candidate.
  • Emphasise objective points over subjective statements: Candidates may not find generic offers like a nice team or a fun job compelling. In your ad, focus on highlighting clear and specific points rather than relying on subjective statements.

Provide an overview of the recruitment process

Offer candidates a comprehensive overview of the entire recruitment process early on. This transparency benefits both the candidate, who gains insight into what to expect, and the recruiter, who can adhere to specific timelines. Share details such as:

  • Number of interview rounds
  • Duration of interviews
  • Interview format (online or on-site) and participants (recruiter, team leader, etc.)
  • Inclusion of practical tasks in the process

Anticipate basic questions before starting recruitment

Before initiating the recruitment process, anticipate and prepare responses to basic questions that candidates may have in the initial stages. Consider addressing questions such as:

  • Duration of the entire process
  • Salary or salary range, along with benefits
  • Reason for the role being open
  • Job prerequisites and opportunities for development

Establish realistic timeframes in the hiring process

During the process, it’s essential for the candidate to stay aware of their application status and not feel overlooked. To prevent this, consider implementing the following practices:

  • Timely acknowledgment: After applying, promptly send a response confirming receipt and expressing gratitude. For instance, you can say, “Thank you for applying. We will review your application and get in touch within 5 days.
  • Communication gaps: Avoid prolonged intervals between interview rounds and feedback sessions. If feedback isn’t immediately available, inform the candidate about the anticipated timeline. This prevents them from feeling neglected.
  • Practical task timeframe: If the process includes a practical task, allocate at least three days for completion. This ensures candidates have time to deliver quality work without compromising their existing commitments.


Provide Honest Feedback

Respect the time candidates invest in the process by offering honest and meaningful feedback at every stage, even if their application is rejected based on their CV. Consider addressing questions like:

  • Reasons for non-selection
  • Areas for improvement in future applications

We hope these ideas inspire positive changes in your recruitment practices or serve as a helpful reminder of best practices. If you require assistance with recruitment or process development, feel free to reach out to us. Creating a positive candidate experience is not just a goal but a continuous journey toward building strong connections with potential talent.

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