How to get better results in recruiting by using a systematic approach?

A systematic approach is crucial for successful recruiting. Unfortunately, the importance of mapping the recruitment process often goes overlooked, leading to mediocre outcomes for all parties involved. This article explores what a systematic approach entails and provides insights on maximizing its effectiveness.

Map out every small step for clarity.

Precisely mapping out every step is vital. A solid action plan is the basis of effective teamwork. If the process description is vague, the steps may not be unambiguous for the parties involved. Who is responsible for the task anyway? When does it need to be done? How exactly do we do it? The mapping is not precise enough if you can count the steps of your recruitment process on the fingers of your hand. At first glance, it may seem unnecessary to remind yourself or your teammates of every little step, but a detailed breakdown eliminates unnecessary room for interpretation. This way, you can be sure that all parties understand the process in the same way and avoid confusion.

Add value by automation.

Establishing deadlines for each stage is essential to prevent delays and incomplete tasks. While the process map might indicate when certain actions should be done, setting concrete deadlines for yourself makes it clear for everyone. By using software and automating your process, you’ll be able to keep better track of what you’re doing and make sure it gets done on time. Tools like RecruitLab enable you to redirect your focus from mundane tasks like manual email sending to value-adding activities, improving the overall candidate experience while meeting deadlines.

Revisit your mapped process.

Regularly reviewing your mapped process with the team is essential to align with the current situation. Heatmapping can be a valuable technique in this regard. Think about your process and identify steps that are being executed successfully and mark them as green. Use yellow to highlight activities that should ideally be performed consistently but are not yet guaranteed. During the review, consider additional activities that can enhance the process and mark them as red. By monitoring and refining the process over time, you can observe changes in the quality of your process and identify opportunities for further effectiveness and personalization.

What do your candidates think about you?

Even if you had to say “no” to a candidate today, you should give your best in creating the best candidate experience possible. Reputation is of utmost importance – especially in the small market of Estonia – and you never know when you might want to go back to the same candidate. A longer-than-average process is not the end of the world. The problem arises when you don’t keep in touch with candidates on a consistent basis and don’t give specific reasons on why it’s taking longer. Nevertheless, you should eliminate any unnecessary waste of time to be as efficient as possible.

You are in control.

By approaching the recruitment process in a systematic way, you’ll have a better grasp of the big picture and more control over its flow. Detailed mapping eliminates assumptions and interpretation issues, alleviating stress for the entire team. With automation, you can focus on what’s most important and make sure you’re reaching the right people. Remember, there’s always room for improvement. Continuously refine and develop your process to deliver even better results.

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