It is known that the success of a company begins with its employees. Based on a 2012 McKinsey report, there is a 20-25% increase in the productivity among teams that get along well with each other. How great is the communication with customers, how are employees performing in their daily duties, and whether deadlines are met all this affects not only one client or specialist but the whole company as a whole.

Aside from their home, for most people, the workplace is the second most important place, as it is where they spend most of their time. Phrasing it this way, it may seem like a rather unpleasant discovery. In reality, it is the same initial feeling that best illustrates the given situation. It is extremely important for the unicorn company that the relationships at work are thriving and the environment is pleasant – for team members and leaders alike.

An article by psychology researcher Elaine Houston, published in 2019 describes that as a result of a study conducted in 2011 by two scientists, Gabel and Gosnell, people may hypothetically have separate reflexive brain networks for thinking in social situations. Communication with each other can have a direct impact on a person’s health. The study found that in response to social contact, the brain releases oxytocin, the hormone of love, which is associated with reliability and motivation to help others.

Workplace communication statistics published by the chat platform Pumble in 2022 note that effective communication has a positive impact on employee engagement, trust, productivity, as well as staying in the company.

Here are some points that can be used to strengthen relationships within a team:

1. Conducting personality tests among employees. Whether it’s DISC®, MBTI®, Enneagram, or entirely something else, learning about each other’s personalities and communication styles within the team helps to better understand each other and develop yourself as an employee.

2. Training and workshops. Every minute that goes into supporting and helping employees is an investment to the future. Listening to others and performing tasks together is a unifying activity. Even if not everything is remembered after the first time, attending trainings gives employees inspiration and things to talk about, which in turn strengthens the relationship between them.

3. Increasing the proportion of face-to-face communication. Although sending emails and chatting is often the fastest way to exchange information, face-to-face communication plays an important role in strengthening everyday relationships. Seeing team members and listening to their voices helps to make employees feel closer to each other.

4. Organization of joint events. Every event doesn’t have to be big and costly. Organizing events where team members share their knowledge or go sledding together, for example, also helps to improve communication within the team. As a rule, it is good to organize events that are full of activities especially at the beginning when starting to work on strengthening the team.

5. Effective conflict resolution. Creating an open culture of communication is important in order to strengthen team relationships. Resolving disagreements and paying attention to them helps employees to feel that they are being taken seriously and that their ideas are welcome.

6. Leading by example. Most often, changes begin within the person itself. By letting others know how you organize your work and keep your mindset going, you can inspire your team members to do the same.


How much attention has your company paid to team relations so far, and would any of the points above be worth testing? Strengthening team relationships within the company is not an easy task and, as a rule, requires a lot of attention and time. Yet, once the relationships are in place and the team works as if it were one human body, it is a real unicorn to find! Hopefully, this article gave you some food for thought in this regard.

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