DiSC® internal training “People reading – personalized sales through customer perception”

Trainer:Helen Pärli
Duration:one day training (6 hours that equals to 8 academic hours)
Target group:sales professionals, sales managers, and anyone else who need sales skills in their daily work


As a preparation for the training, a personal DiSC® profile will be created for all participants to begin with understanding themselves better. During the training participants will learn about their own behavior in different situations, especially in sales situations.

Different group work methods and video recordings are used to learn “people reading”. Video recordings are used in order to analyzed behaviours together during the training.Using video recordings allows participants to learn not only from simulations but also from their self-analysis and reflection from other participants.

Participants will be able to play out different situations that might occure in sales processes when they need to work with people with different behavioral styles.

As a result

After completing the training, the participant:

  • Will have a better understanding of one’s own natural behaviour
  • Knows how to adapt one’s own behavior according to the situation and people
  • Is able to “read” strangers
  • Has improved sales skills and results
The training curriculum is compiled based on the specific needs of the client.

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