Team analysis with DiSC® method

Diversity enriches and makes everyday working life more dynamic. What are the natural types of behaviors of your team members and how can you use it effectively in your work? We help companies gain insight into their teams.

We help companies gain insight into their teams

To this end, we use DiSC® behavioural style profiling to understand each member of the team personally and at the same time map the team as a whole. During the audit, we ask each team member to fill in the DiSC® questionnaire. Each team member is then the subject of a report describing their DiSC® behavioural style, which provides an overview of personal strengths, developmental sites, motivators and stressors.

The team’s behavioural styles are also compiled into a single team report to map the composition of the team and, as a result, the strengths, development sites, motivators and stressors of the team.


What is DiSC®?

DiSC® is a developmental instrument that focuses on understanding the profiles of behavioral styles and, as a result, developing one’s own skills.
Everything DiSC® profiles have very wide application possibilities and their use creates an even more personalized development experience. DiSC® is scientifically the most researched, validated and adapted to the local culture.

DiSC®i can be used to develop and improve:

  • self-awareness
  • communication and relationships
  • teamwork leadership skills
  • sales and customer service skills
  • coping with changes
  • conflict resolution skills

As a result of the analysis of the teams, you will be prepared:

  • Personal DiSC® behavioural style report for each team member (including an overview of their strengths, places of development, motivators and stressors)
  • Team report that maps the composition of the team from the point of view of DiSC® behavioral styles (including an overview of the team’s strengths, development sites, motivators and stressors)
  • An action plan for the development and replenishment of the team.

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