Implementation of development conversations

Developmental conversation is a performance management tool for the manager.
A developmental conversation, or 1:1 conversation, is a structured conversation that aims to reconcile the knowledge, skills, expectations and ambition of the employee with the expectations and goals of the company.

Why implement a system of developmental conversations, or 1:1 conversations?

A prerequisite for effective developmental conversations is the manager’s ability to communicate and manage the conversation. It is on the leader that the success of development conversations and the benefits of them depend.

With our knowledge and experience, we are there to help you successfully implement development conversations in your company. We help in building a system of development conversations, conducting the first conversations and, if necessary, developing the managers who conduct development conversations.
  • Development conversations help to get to know your team and their expectations better
  • Through development conversations, a trust relationship is established with your team members
  • Your employees feel cared for
  • Development conversations provide an opportunity to feel the temperature of the team, i.e. satisfaction, and to prevent possible problems
  • Development conversations are accompanied by more frequent and topical feedback, which helps the employee to develop


As a result of implementing the development conversation system your company has a well-thought-out development conversation process and the necessary tools for conducting successful development conversations.

If your company already has a development conversation system but it is not working, please contact us together we will find a solution on how to make development conversations effective.

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