Employer branding analysis and improvement

We look at employer brand as a whole, a combination of the internal and external image of the employer.

Creating an employer brand strategy and formulating an employee’s value proposition

It is often believed that the employer brand is only important for finding new employees, because mainly the employer’s brand is seen as an external image, which should influence the vision of potential future employees about the organisation in such a way that they consider the company to be the preferred employer for themselves.

Actually, employer brand also plays a very important role in retaining existing employees. We look at employer brand as a whole, a combination of the internal and external image of the employer. This helps us map the competitive advantage that your current employees see and feel and use this knowledge to create a recruitment strategy.

Our recommendation is to deal with the employer’s brand and the employee’s value proposition at the same time. We are happy to help you create an employer brand strategy and formulate an employee’s value proposition.

The service includes:

  • Meeting with the client to map the activities of today’s employer brand and the value proposition of an existing employee
  • In-house employer brand and employee value proposition survey
  • Focus group discussion to decipher the results of an in-house survey


  • Analyzing the results of the study
  • Summarising and drawing conclusions
  • Suggestions and possible alternatives for employer brand strategy and employee value proposition
  • Meeting with the client to formulate the employer’s brand strategy and the employee’s value proposition.


The result of the collaboration is an employer brand strategy based on the strengths of your company, an employer brand action plan, and a clearly formulated value proposition that inspires employees.

Thanks to the consciously formulated employee value proposition, the recruitment of your company will also become more strategic and effective. In the form of an employee’s value proposition, you get clear selling points with which to attract talent to your company. In addition, the employee’s value proposition also helps step by step to strengthen the employer’s brand and thereby make the company more attractive in the eyes of the talents of your target audience.

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