Coaching: Who? Why? How?

When you hear the word coaching what comes to your mind? Basketball coach? Acting coach? Maybe even a vocal coach? Confusing, isn’t it? Coaching has become such a popular title that it has been used in a lot of professions without any training. We at Smartful help you unlock your real potential.

But first, let us explain the “who, why, how” of coaching.


The personal, supportive environment provided by the coach can foster new ways of thinking, acting, and influencing to achieve significant business results. A coach needs to be trained and certified.

The coach supports personal and professional growth based on self-initiated change (coming from the person who asks) in pursuit of specific actionable outcomes. Ly Kivikas – our coach at Smartful – believes that everyone has the resources to solve problems. As a coach Ly can be the guide through this journey of finding and practicing these points.


Coaching is carried out based on the client’s specific needs. You can decide what needs improving. Through that you will most definitely get to better results at work and even in your personal life.

Coaching is proven method for increasing individual performance. Thanks to coaching, you work more efficiently and productively. Based on the survey, 63% of companies that provided coaching to their employees found that they earned better income and increased their income more than their competitors.

It also creates open communication and honest feedback. 86% of employees and managers say that communication barriers have been the main reason for a company’s failure.

Coaching gives managers and employees motivation to discover and try new things. According to a survey, 86% of employees do not see their employer as inspiring. Coaching helps change that.


The effective coach is able to bring out the client’s unique strengths, skills and wisdom.

What does a coach do?

● A coach focuses on an agenda that respects the persons’ goals and challenges.
● A coach uses powerful questions to generate new learning.
● A coach encourages action, supports change, and facilitates personal learning and growth.

What now?

Coaching can be done face to face, on the phone, by chat and using various digital methods.

If you feel that there is something missing from your personal or professional development and you want to grow and develop, contact us! We’ll help you to solve challenges, find the way forward and amplify positivity.

Read more about our coaching service from here.

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