Internal training: One-on-One Meeting Masterclass

Trainer:Kristjan Kaskman
Duration:3 academic hours
Target group:The training is perfect for managers of all levels and anyone who comes into contact with holding meetings in their work.
Training environment: On-site learning takes place in the premises designated by the trainer or in the client’s premises during internal training. In the case of virtual learning, the training takes place in the Zoom environment.
In the opinion of employees, only 15% of managers know what employees are actually engaged in. The effectiveness of team management largely depends on the trusting relationship between the manager and the employee. Can the manager create an environment where the employee can focus on the performance of their duties without interruption? It is mistakenly believed that communicating with an employee on a lunch break or passing by the corridor is enough to build trust or solve work problems on an ongoing basis. Doing the one-on-one meetings in an organisation is a sign to the employee that the manager takes time for them. On the other hand, a one-on-one meeting gives the manager an excellent overview of the situation, which helps quickly respond to changes and, if necessary, solve problems.
The purpose of this training is to provide the manager with the tools to conduct one-on-one meetings and use the results to create an atmosphere of trust, making the team more efficient.

Training topics

  • The role of a one-on-one meeting in leadership
  • Meeting preparation and stumbling blocks when deploying it
  • Meeting conduct and performance

Conditions for completing the training

To complete the training, the participant must:

  • Participate in training from start to finish
  • Actively contribute to training
  • Perform a self-monitoring test


Having completed the training, the participant:

  • Understands the role of a one-on-one meeting in day-to-day management and creating a trusting work environment in the team
  • Can prepare a one-on-one meeting using templates and tutorials
  • Can conduct a one-on-one meeting using templates and tutorials
  • Receives a certificate upon completion of training
Educational materials and tests are available in the training environment.

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