Internal training: The role of the leader in the recruitment process

Trainer:Helen Pärli
Duration:8 academic hours
Target group:The training is perfect for recruiting managers and specialists of different levels

Methods used in training: inclusive mini-lectures, practical exercises, pair and group work, case analysis, self- and group reflection



The manager plays a big role both in recruiting people and in keeping the existing team. How do you find the best talent into your team? What can a manager do to find a suitable candidate and attract them to their company? Regardless of the size of the recruitment team, the manager must also invest ones time and energy in recruitment.

The purpose of this training is to give managers an overview of their role in the recruitment process. Together, we will deconstruct the market situation in the recruitment landscape, the differences between recruitment and headhunting, the stages and importance of the recruitment process and the role of the manager at the heart of it all. The participant learns to conduct interviews in a way that leads to a positive candidate experience and gets a better idea of how to distinguish between the manager’s brand and employer marketing.

Content of training

  • Labour market situation and impact on recruitment
  • Recruiting in different cultures
  • Recruitment vs. Headhunting
  • Stages and significance of the hiring process (KPIs – Measure and Track)
  • The role of the manager in the recruitment process
  • Job advertisements and attracting talents to apply
  • Employer Marketing vs. Manager Brand
  • Principles of conducting interviews
  • The importance of feedback
  • Basics of candidate evaluation and selection
  • How to make a successful job offer?
  • Positive Candidate Experience Design


Those who have completed the training:

  • understand the role of the manager in the recruitment process
  • know the differences between recruitment and headhunting, as well as the stages of the recruitment process
  • are able to successfully conduct interviews, while creating a pleasant candidate experience
  • know the principles of choosing a suitable candidate and are able to prepare a job offer according to the need

The training curriculum is prepared based on the specific needs of the client.

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