Internal audit of the work environment

Audit helps you to analyse existing work environment and safety processes and documentation and to map the bottlenecks that need to be eliminated.

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Internal control of the working environment helps you to analyse the existing processes, documentation of the working environment and occupational safety as well as to map bottlenecks that need to be eliminated.

Do not wait for the inspection of the Labour Inspectorate – take care of the health and safety of your employees today!


A thorough analysis of the working environment and occupational safety results in the basic package required by the legislation:

  • We draw up correct rules of work organisation for the company
  • We prepare correct job descriptions and safety instructions for the company
  • We prepare a risk analysis and an action plan to eliminate or reduce the risks present in the working environment
  • If necessary, we will prepare a personal protective equipment card for the company to register the personal protective equipment issued to the employees
  • We create a process of internal control of the working environment for the company
  • We create a process and documentation for the company to instruct and train employees in the field of occupational safety
  • We help the company to appoint a working environment council, specialist and commissioner and find suitable initial or continuing education for them
  • We help in the development of the first aid process and the creation of a health check-up system


Kaidi Tiitson

Outvio OÜ, Co-Founder

As a young start-up, we had no knowledge of occupational health and safety requirements. That’s why we decided to involve SMARTFUL Growth on these issues in order to analyze the current situation and set out an action plan that would help us in getting this matter under control. SMARTFUL conducted an internal audit, created an action plan with step-by-step instructions for us, and prepared all the necessary documentation to meet the legal requirements. The work was very fast and thorough. I recommend SMARTFUL Growth to others as well – we got our processes in order and a lot of clarity!

Hannes Aus

Smartecon OÜ, CTO

We ordered the work environment audit from SMARTFUL Growth to get an overview of our company’s work environment and occupational safety situation and to make sure that the documentation is in order. Helen approached the audit systematically and explained the various aspects of work environment and safety that our company should take into account. In addition, Helen created the correct documentation so that everything would be in order on paper and easy to manage. Our documentation was also approved by the Labor Inspectorate. I definitely recommend Helen for work environment audit!

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