Human Resources audit

We help you to see your company’s HR processes from a new angle and understand whether they are effective enough to reach your strategic goals.

We take HR management to the next level

Do you feel that your company’s HR management processes need fresh attention and development? We help to see the company’s HR processes with an outsider’s eyes and understand their effectiveness. We help to find development sites in the processes and solutions for improving the field of personnel management. We help to check the compliance of processes with legislation, best practices and find ways to use available resources as efficiently as possible through a professional eye.
The audit includes familiarization with today’s personnel management processes and their analysis based on the company’s goals. For our part, we draw conclusions from all areas of HR and share recommendations for making work even more effective.


Together, we will prepare a detailed action plan for changing and improving the processes that inhibit efficiency. We will help you implement the development plan and analyze the effectiveness of the changes.

As a result of the cooperation, the following will be produced:

  • in-depth analysis of existing HR management processes
  • an overview of the places of development in the field of personnel management
  • development plan for improving personnel management processes


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