Internal training: A reliable leader for the talents of the future

Trainer:Helen Pärli
Duration:half-day training (3 hours or 4 academic hours)
Target group:managers who want to grow their credibility and be ready to manage the talents of the future


The training is based on nine leadership habits developed by John Blakey to help improve a leader’s relationships, reputation, and performance. Training helps to be a more transparent and reliable leader. The focus of the training is on the future, and in addition to improving the habits of one’s leader, one learns to understand the talents of the future in order to be ready to lead them as well.

To confirm new knowledge and skills, joint discussions, group work, as well as practical exercises for each habit are used.

“If we want to understand why organizations do what they do and why they act the way they do, we need to look at the prejudices and attitudes of the most powerful players in organizations – top executives” – Hambrick, D.C.


As a result of the training, the participant:

  • learns to develop new management practices
  • knows ways to gain trust
  • knows practical models for the implementation of each of the nine management habits
  • knows how to find out the reliability coefficient of each manager and find ways to increase it

The training curriculum is prepared based on the customer’s specific needs.

Piret Potisepp Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Head of Services Department

Helen is a professional trainer, and our cooperation was very smooth. In addition, she was prepared to switch a training that was originally planned as a classroom training into a webinar. She knows her field inside out. More importantly, Helen can easily share it with others in a memorable way.

Thanks for the great content.

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