Internal training: Masterclass for excellence

Trainer:Reelika Jeferjev
Duration:16 academic hours
Target group:The training is perfectly suited for active managers, sales managers as well as training out new managers.

Training environment: Virtual learning or contact learning. Contact training takes place at the premises designated by the trainer or in-house at the client’s premises.


Masterclass for excellence

There are growing tensions in the team. People’s satisfaction, commitment and performance are affected. Overtime is high, tension and focus have not improved and talent is leaving the teams.

The organisation is a reflection of the maturity of its leaders and their ability to deliver. Leaders who are able to change their behaviours and habits are able to make breakthroughs. Achieving excellence requires an empowering mindset and 10x more action. The key is not the “habit” of just doing, but a focus on what is necessary and has a link to results. Here, we apply the 20/80 principle, which means that 20% of actions will produce 80% of results. If we do 10x more of these 20% activities we will also achieve faster growth. Excellence is a combination of thinking, feeling and doing.

The aim of this training is to help participants to learn the 10x leadership system that will increase their ability to achieve their goals, so that as a leader you feel whole, confident and enjoy every day in your role. The training has been put together with the aim of helping a company to increase its capacity for development. To do things out of necessity rather than habit and thereby increase the value of working time. Develop your creativity, commitment, satisfaction and reduce negativity.


Conditions for completing the training:

  • Participation in the training from start to finish
  • Active participation in the training



Having completed the training, the participant:

  • Understands the nature of mindset and its impact on behaviour.
  • Will be able to consciously change one’s thinking and thereby feelings and actions.
  • Able to set supportive goals and manage them in such a way that progress is incrementally increased
  • Understands how to apply the 20/80 principle
  • Knows how to use the 10x management system according to needs
  • Can create satisfaction and engagement
  • Understands the nature of performance and knows how to use the metric to develop team performance.
  • Receives a certificate on completion of the training

Training topics:

  • Mindset of a leader – Shifting the boundaries
  • The pleasant attracts the pleasant – Best Scenario Costume.
  • The mystery of purpose – What purpose is and what purpose is not…
  • The 20/80 principle – Less is more
  • 10X management system – Have you tried to manage time but it’s not manageable? Let’s manage activities because they are manageable!
  • Inclusion and satisfaction
  • Performance and agile leadership – that’s what you want to measure!

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