Internal training: Situational leadership – Creating leaders

Trainer:Kristjan Kaskman
Duration:12 academic hours
Target group:The training is perfect for managers, project managers as well as a training program for new managers.

Situational leadership – Creating leaders

Training environment: The primary training method is virtual training. Virtual learning takes place in the Zoom environment. On-site training takes place in the premises designated by the trainer or, in the case of internal training, in the premises of the client.

Prerequisite: English language skills recommended at least at B2 level. The training materials and the self-test are in English, but the training is being held in Estonian.

As a result of using wrong management styles, an organization can lose up to €3.37 per employee every hour, which amounts to at least €6,500 per year. As a result of management errors, on average 30% of employees are ready to leave for a low-paying job.

Many trainings focus on specific leadership styles, but there is little overview of the universal approach. The employees have different skills, knowledge, experiences, and characteristics, which means that manager must be ready at all times to use different leadership styles with employees in different situations. How to do it and how to know which style will give the best result in a certain situation?

The purpose of this training is to give the manager a working tool on how to choose the most suitable management style in any given situation.

Training topics:

  • Leadership as multidirectional influence
  • Influence behaviors and performance readiness (Performance Readiness ®)
  • Situational Leadership ® Model
  • Readiness and willingness to perform
  • Employee Performance Readiness ® and its determination
  • The choice of the appropriate management style and its effect on the employee’s performance
  • Development and regression of employee’s performance

Conditions for completing the training:

To complete the training the participant must:

  • Participate in the training from start to finish
  • Actively contribute to training
  • Perform the LEAD self-test
  • Pass the final test in the environment


Having completed the training, the participant:

  • Understands the nature of management, based on situational management theory
  • Can determine the recipient’s readiness for performance (Performance Readiness®) when assigning tasks
  • Understands the importance and impact of choosing the right management styles on employees
  • Can choose the management style corresponding to the employee’s level of performance readiness
  • Based on a self-assessment test, knows oneself most used management style and behavior patterns
  • Will receive an international certificate upon completion of the training


Study materials and tests are available in the learning environment

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