Internal training: Masterclass in developmental conversations

Trainer:Kristjan Kaskman
Duration:6 academic hours
Target group:The training is perfect for managers of different levels and for all those who come into close contact with conducting development interviews at work.
Training environment: On-site learning takes place in the premises designated by the trainer or in the client’s premises during internal training. In the case of virtual learning, the training takes place in the Zoom environment.
Did you know that only 13% of people are typically satisfied with their leader? Organising systematised development conversations would help to significantly increase this proportion. Organisations conduct satisfaction surveys and development conversations on a daily basis, but often to no avail, because the management does not have the necessary knowledge or skills. Development conversations play a very important role in the success of the organisation and in increasing the commitment of employees, because they help the employee to understand its role in the organisation and find common goals with the company. Having conversations is a great way to find the necessary specialists or future managers among your employees, sometimes to also discover that the best way for all parties involved is to go their separate ways.
The aim of this training is to make sense of the role of development conversations in the organisation and to provide the tools necessary for the benefit of the organisation to organise development conversations effectively and implement the results.

Training topics

  • Why is the development conversation not just a meeting?
  • The role of developmental conversations in the organisation
  • Structure and conduct of the developmental interview
  • Development conversation as an opportunity to discover talent
  • Prerequisites for an effective development conversation
  • Preparetion for the interview
  • The most common reefs in the development conversation

Conditions for completing the training

To complete the training, the participant must:
  • Participate in training from start to finish
  • Actively contribute to training
  • Perform a self-monitoring test


Having completed the training, the participant:

  • Understands the purpose and role of the development conversation in the development and success of the company and employees
  • Is aware of the impact of the development conversation on the internal climate and work organisation of their structural unit
  • Can prepare and conduct a development discussion with the support of educational material
  • Can analyse and plan follow-up activities of the development discussion with the support of study materials
  • Knows the prerequisites for a successful development conversation and is able to take them into account in their daily work
  • Receives a certificate upon completion of training
Educational materials and tests are available in the training environment.

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