Internal training: Basic and continuing training of mentors

Trainer:Helen Pärli
Duration:1-2 days (the length of training depends on the specific need of the company and the number of topics covered)
Target group:Companies that want to create a mentoring program to support the development of their employees


The aim of the training is to give the participants an overview of the knowledge necessary for mentoring and to develop the skills required for the mentor. During the training, various techniques and tools for mentoring are practiced (for example, setting goals, managing the process, actively listening, giving feedback, etc.).

Training topics

  • What is mentoring and what is the role of a mentor
  • Introduction of the mentoring model
  • Personality types and the establishment of a relationship of trust (agreements on cooperation)
  • Setting and measuring goals in a mentoring relationship
  • Active listening and guiding questions
  • Giving positive and negative feedback
  • Summarizing in mentoring
Methods used in training include mini-lectures, practical exercises, pair and group work, case analysis, self- and group reflection.


Having completed the training, the participant:
  • Understands the role of a mentor and its importance
  • Is familiar with the mentoring model and knows how to apply it in a mentoring relationship
  • Understands different types of behavior and is able to adjust their own behavior according to mentee
  • Is able to use different communication and listening techniques to manage the mentoring conversation
  • Is able to manage a mentoring relationship

NB! To make the training even more effective and personal, it is possible to use DiSC® behavioral type tests. The test should be taken by each participant in the training.

What is DiSC®?

DiSC® is a developmental instrument that focuses on understanding the profiles of behavioral styles and, as a result, developing one’s own skills.

Everything DiSC® profiles have very wide application possibilities and their use creates an even more personalized development experience. DiSC® is scientifically the most researched, validated and adapted to the local culture.

DiSC®i can be used to develop and improve such as:

  • self-awareness
  • communication and relationships
  • Teamwork leadership skills
  • sales and customer service skills
  • coping with changes
  • conflict resolution skills
The training curriculum is compiled based on the specific needs of the client.

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