The success of your business starts with the right talent.

Do you want the best of the best in your team, not just the best of those who saw your job ad and applied themselves?

Most talents today are not actively looking for work themselves. At the same time, surveys show that 72% of employees are ready to change jobs. We help you reach those talents who are passive and are not actively looking for new career opportunities themselves.

We aim to find the best candidate on the market, not just the best candidate from those who happened to see the job advertisement and showed interest by applying. We guarantee that the recruitment project will not end until we have found a suitable candidate for your company.

In addition to finding the best candidate, positive candidate experience is also our priority – we understand the importance of your company’s brand and help to maintain and grow it.

What sets us apart from many other recruitment agencies is our genuine interest in each candidate’s experience. We aim to provide candidates with a pleasant and rewarding experience, value their time and effort, and give them the most personalized feedback possible to support their wider career path and help them find the next challenge that’s right for them.

We aim to ensure that even unsuccessful candidates have a positive experience, encouraging them to apply to future positions at your company. That’s why we make an effort every time to introduce you as an employer and increase the candidate’s interest in you as an employer, both today and in the future.

In addition, we have expertise in all aspects of human resources management. We see recruitment as a critical function of HR management, and we also understand the big picture. We make it our top priority to find a solution to your needs, not just provide you with a service on paper. We are happy to discuss your needs in more detail and adjust our process and service accordingly.

You are able to get a full HR support from us. If you wish, we can also help you with the steps following the recruitment process – onboarding program, training and development, other services that help to improve employee experience. Feel free to share your thoughts with us!


We have carried out recruitments in different areas such as:

  • financial roles (auditors, tax advisors, analysts, accountants, business consultants, department heads, etc.),
  • IT roles (IT manager, IT project manager, IT business consultant, IT administrator, IT support, etc.),
  • marketing roles (marketing manager, marketing assistant, business development manager, social media marketing specialist, etc.),
  • telecom roles (product manager, account manager, consultant, salesperson, project manager, etc.),
  • administrative roles (executive assistant, secretary, administrator, procurement specialist, etc.),
  • customer service roles (sales representative in a store, business account manager, key account manager),
  • construction roles (construction worker, project manager),
  • and, of course, human resources roles (HR manager, HR specialist, HR administrator, recruiter, etc.).

We have recruited people for almost every level from recruiting trainees to senior and departmental managers.

We sincerely believe that headhunting is an integral part of successful recruitment. How else can you be sure you’re recruiting the best candidate available? That’s why good headhunting skills are essential. Our recruiters have excellent headhunting skills and teach them to others, working with Äripäeva Akadeemia to conduct training on LinkedIn Recruiter Lite and headhunting twice a year.

Our flexible recruitment solutions

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